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raves and reviews!

"if stardust is a cut above, it may be because it doesn't try too hard to be a children's cd.

the klosners, a sister-brother duo, avoid the squeaky girl and boy soprano sounds that dominate many lullaby recordings.

instead, cher sings songs such as 'la la lu,' from 'lady and the tramp,' with the chesty alto of a torch singer. gene, meanwhile, adopts the suave demeanor of a jazz crooner in tunes such as 'pillow time' by janelle scott, mother of micky dolenz of the monkees." (read full article)
- john pitcher, omaha world-herald

"if your kids ever have trouble settling down to go to sleep at night, i strongly recommend that you purchase the cd stardust by local artists cher & gene klosner.

as a result of having been ill a great deal of the winter, my six-year-old son recently developed some sleep problems. because there were so many times when he had awakened in the middle of the night with fevers, stomach upset, etc., he had become very nervous about bedtime. when i asked our pediatrician what i could do to help him relax, she suggested that we start playing some soothing music starting at dinner and continuing throughout the evening up until bedtime. i had previously bought a copy of cher's cd to give to someone as a baby gift, but after i heard the doctor's advice, i decided to break the cd out of its wrapper (after all, i could buy another one for the baby gift) and give it a try with our son.

it worked like a charm. aidan has gone to sleep promptly every evening since we began playing the cd."
(read full review)
- rhonda dunaway, administrator, momsofomaha.com


"stardust... is a 2-cd collection of lullabies both traditional and original. it's the most lushly produced album here, and the wide-ranging instrumentation sounds great." (read full review)
- stefan shepherd, zooglobble.com


�this cd by cher & gene klosner was wonderful! the songs were very soothing and relaxing. the children enjoyed listening to the songs over and over again during their quiet time at school. i myself enjoyed listening to both the vocal tracks and instrumental renditions after school to relax and regroup for the next day of work.�

�my family appreciated hearing familiar lullabies from our childhood. our children enjoyed learning the words to many of the familiar tunes. we used this music cd during quiet play time as well as bedtime, and it worked quite well!�

�the stardust cd is a beautifully done work of art. the music is wonderful and the voice of the singer is beautiful and calming. i loved playing this cd for the children, it was relaxing and helped them drift off to sleep.�

�i think that on most children�s music/cd�s, the instrumentation is either too much, or not enough. stardust seems to have it just right! i enjoyed the soothing jazz undertones of these lullabies. this cd is perfect for parents to listen to and i doubt that people would grow tired of listening to these songs anytime soon.�
- reviewer feedback from iparenting media


"i listen to a lot of children's music in my various roles as parent, teacher, musician, and critic. with my first listen, i'm looking to see if it's something i can tolerate repeatedly - every parent knows how important this is.

so i listened to stardust, a collection of lullabies, the first few times to hear whether kids and families can enjoy this together. (they most certainly can.) and now the last few times i've settled in with the collection, it's with the ears of a music fan, and i am continually struck by the many delights of this ambitious two-disc set.

this brother-and-sister duo has created a lush, subtly beautiful release that makes use of only "authentic" instruments. so you get to hear oboe, clarinet, cello, vibraphone - and it's the real deal, courtesy of top-notch symphony and jazz musicians..." (read full review)
- chip withrow, muse's muse


"i began my week of music with a post about lullabies. every parent, i would hope, has a favorite lullaby to sing or play their babies off to sleep. mine was "if i had words." yes, i was farmer hoggett and my kids were babe the pig. i would even do the dance for them on occasion.

lullabies are important. it's the first music your children will ever hear (unless you're rocking them to sleep to panic! at the disco). the good news is there are countless number of lullaby cds for you to pick from. the bad news is that most of them are sterile and emotionless. if you don't choose wisely, you might doom your innocent little baby to a bleak future as a state legislator.

thankfully, i'm here to steer you toward cds like the stunning new stardust by cher and gene klosner, a brother/sister duo out of omaha, nebraska. stardust just happens to be one of the best lullaby collections i've ever heard..." (read full review)
- phil corless, a family runs through it

"my favorite aspects of this album are as follows:

1) both cher & gene have amazing voices. soothing, rich, and beautiful. perfect for lullabies

2) they've taken old favorites and rearranged them with style and class, for example, "twinkle, twinkle, little star," which is my son's favorite song to sing along with me, so i'm particularly pleased to have a new version for him to hear. also, you can't go wrong with "baby mine," from the movie dumbo. that song pierces straight through every mother's heart, and this version is no different.

3) new songs that will quickly become favorites. "pillow soft, blanket warm (dreams' doorway)" is absolutely stunning, from the creative lyrics and storyline to gene's gorgeous vocal. also, "seepy sams" is just about the cutest song i've heard in a long, long time. i just have to share the story behind it, as found in the album booklet:

'i can't get enough of the sound of kids' laughter. i wrote this silly little song for my son, just to hear him giggle. having no clarinet available, i would sing "nuh-nul-la-nah-nah" in the tag, which always got the giggles going.' - cher

i could go on and on and on. two full discs of original tracks and fantastic arrangements of classics from the carpenters, john denver, the musical genius of johannes brahms, and many more, this album exceeds all expectations i could ever even think to have for a lullaby cd. they even have an instrumental version of each song, as if the album weren't perfect enough! this is not a lie: every single song on this album by itself is worth the purchase of this cd.

cher & gene, i'm your new biggest fan, and i'm definitely not alone. i can't wait to hear the rest of your music!..." (read full review)
- stephanie mondrut, hear it, love it, share it

"stardust, a lullaby cd set created by award winning singer/songwriter siblings, seems to magically lull madelyn to sleep within 10 minutes of being put to bed. i love it!!
in addition to helping little one's get to sleep, the soothing collection of traditional and original lullabies creates a relaxing environment for those of us who need to release ourselves from 'the chaos that is parenting'. i have one cd in madelyn's room and one in the kitchen. between cooking dinner, emptying the dish washer, and eating, and homework, the kitchen is where i get the most stressed. now i just hit play on the cd player and wah lah.. my stress induced high blood pressure plummets and i am able to concentrate on the task at hand while madelyn dances to the music.." (read full review)
- alicia hagan, the mommy insider

"for generations, adults have used lullabies to soothe babies to sleep. caretakers who sing to children create cherished memories, while contributing to a lifelong appreciation of music. award-winning singer/songwriter siblings cher and gene klosner recently released a 2-disc cd which beautifully celebrates the importance of lullabies for people of all ages. the stardust ($24.95) collection of lullabies is certain to create sweet memories and induce sweet dreams for all of its listeners." (read full review)
- krista l. peck, boutique flair

"i'm always looking for ways to make bedtime a little easier for the girls and for myself. that's why i was thrilled to receive a copy of stardust lullaby - audible chocolate for sweet dreams.

being a jazz lover myself, i especially enjoyed this wonderful musical compilation. the 2-disc set included familiar lullabies which the girls could relate to as well as brand new songs that are sure to become some of our family's favorites. the best part is that it's all presented in a way that not only appeals to children but to parents as well. no matter how hectic my day was, i found myself starting to relax to these very soothing tunes.

it also came with a lyric book for those like me who sometimes forget the words. thank goodness since my girls think i know everything! lol!"
- kailani okamoto, an island review

"an award-winner of the iparenting media award (2008 best products - audio), this lullaby cd has a vocal and instrumental version of each song. the soothing sound of the klosners� voices may just calm your fussy baby � and may help start a good bedtime routine � or simply play it for relaxing enjoyment. the two-disc set that is a must have for any new parent."
- kiera ashford, associate editor, nashville parent


"gentle, well-produced collection of lullabyes and other quiet tunes for bedtime. the klosners perform originals, traditional tunes, and songs originally made famous by the monkees, the carpenters, john denver, bing crosby, and others. this 2-cd set includes instrumental versions of every song, giving you extended chilldown time at the end of the day." (read full review)
- warren truitt, children's music that rocks


"the stardust lullaby collection by cher & gene klosner is as enchanting as the name implies. my two-year old never slept in the car until her rides were accompanied by the smooth sounds of this cd. it puts the whole family in a mellow mood. everyone has their favorites. my daughter sings along with twinkle, twinkle, little star and little sir echo. my 6 year old son sets his cd player to repeat seepy sams and tell me why for lulling him to sleep at night. i get tears in my eyes every time i hear you'll never be too old for a lullaby and my husband loves all the instrumental versions.

this music reminds us to treasure every toddler bedtime snuggle and kindergarten "i love you." our children may outgrow our laps, but cher and gene will put magic into our goodnight routine for years to come."
- michele whiteaker, freelance writer, laguna hills, ca


"wonderful! both of your voices are at the same time stunning and relaxing. a beautiful approach to the deliveries, and the music is flawless. i may not have a child of my own, but i am going to recommend this anytime i can."
- ray vawter, homer's music


"the stardust lullaby collection is a double disc set of sweet and timeless lullabies for babies and young toddlers. the collection is strong throughout but is especially good at the top of the first disc (where a gorgeous version of "wynken, blynken and nod" can be heard)...which is important for parents as those are the tunes you'll be hearing while you put your little one down each evening. "
(read full review)
- jeff bogle , out with the kids


"stardust by cher and gene klosner is a magical album celebrating children of all ages. being a parent of a small child, it especially hit home and i was touched by the original lullabys as well as the duo's rendition of some of the classics. this sister and brother team are truly blessed with an amazing talent. i have been listening to the cd in my office and find myself being choked-up on several occasions. the album is very touching and completely charming. one of these albums is simply not enough, you will want to give some to friends and family."
-dianne porter, valencia, ca


"it�s wonderful for it's entertainment value, and yes, for the relaxation it can bestow to our spirits in this hectic world... but mostly, for how it facilitates this fundamental tradition of 'a parent connecting with their child while at the very same moment, touching a wonderful part of their own past'."
- jill blake, milwaukee, wi


"i play this for my granddaughter when it's time to go to sleep - it's her favorite!  she walks around the house all day singing 'hello, hello!' (from 'little sir echo')."
- mickey kotlarz, omaha, ne


"stardust is absolutely beautiful. it's so great that these songs will be passed down to the grand kids and their grandkids. i'm buying more for my friends - us grandparents like lullabies too!"
- mary ann everitt, omaha, ne


"i bought one for my neighbor who has had bouts of insomnia for the past three months - it put her right to sleep! stardust is so relaxing - i am buying stardust for all of my friends as christmas gifts!"
- sue sears, omaha, ne


"i very much enjoyed listening to stardust all the way to howells, ne for the weekend. i was so relaxed by the time i got home i almost melted on the couch and i believe i was much more patient with the traffic...i have now given three away...with one left to deliver...and of course i have one for myself!!  i must tell you, all the people i bought stardust for love it.  but i may need one more too b/c i did not think about my mother...who has insomnia."
- kathy janata, omaha, ne

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